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Z Risk was founded in 1996

Z Risk believes in delivering Best practice oriented solutions.

Z Risks pragmatic approach allows us to save time and money for our clients.

Z Risks clients include commercial and investment banks, brokers, central bank, supervisors, insurance companies, pension funds and Cooperates.

Z Risk is the main professional courses provider for The Financial Institute of Israel and The Center of Financial Analysts as well as several Risk Management departments of leading financial institutions.  

In Z Risk, we pursue high ethical standards offering training and advisory services that are tailor made to match the specific needs and risk profile of our client. In the pursuance of this goal, we give high priority to working

 Independently of any other interests than those of our clients. Z Risk does not trade or take positions in securities, has no commitment to an insurer or re-insurer and we are not economically dependent of a service or software vendor.


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 Z Risk