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Public training

We offer numerous courses and seminar for the professional lever.

Our main focus is risk management where we have developed several training programs including:

The annual Risk management training program

The program is designed to meet the needs of the of the risk management professionals.

It’s unique in its practice based approach and considered the "hands on" training for risk managers in the financial Institutions.

Among our graduates you can find many of the banks, insurance, stock exchange, investment houses, credit card companies and regulators risk mangers.

The program is widely accepted and considered as the market benchmark in Israel. It is given in cooperation with the Financial Institute of Israel and sponsored by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange & given in cooperation with all the large banking groups, some of the insurance companies and the regulators.

All our lecturers are practitioners including leading Chief Risk Mangers, Rick Controllers, board members from the financial sector and regulators.


Based on our platform we deliver several optional courses:


*      Risk Management annual program.

*      Risk Management for senior management

*      Buy side – Risk Management

*      Basel II – complete seminar

*      Risk Management for Insurance & Solvency II

*      Financial Analysis, Bond & Derivatives Market's

*      Structured finance

*      Market Risk Management

*      Credit Risk Management

*      Operational Risk Management

*     Accounting and regulation risk management

*      Insurance risk management

For timetable and courses syllabus please contact our office.

* For some of the courses prior knowledge and background is required


Internal Training 

Tailoring and executing according to your unique needs internal professional training programs.

Numerous issues including, Risk management, fixed income, advanced finance and structured products.


Help to set up

Risk management mission team in financial institutions.



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