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Z Risk’s Advisory Board is based on global profession leaders & expert practitioners.

The board mission is to supply “best of breed” support in the following arias:

*     Escort on going processes and consultancy advisory services.

*      Tailoring and executing according to your unique needs internal professional training programs.

*      Independent review of risk management process and systems.

*      Reviewing and validating financial and risk management software system.

*      Help you in defining and designing organizational risk management infrastructure.

*      Assistance in implementing and building the approved risk management systems.

*      Valuation of structured products and other advanced financial products.

In Z Risk, we pursue high ethical standards offering services that are tailor made to match the specific needs and risk profile of our client. In the pursuance of this goal, we give high priority to working independently of any other interests than those of our clients. Z Risk does not trade or take positions in securities, has no commitment to an insurer or re-insurer and we are not economically dependent of a service or software vendor.


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